The amount of parking on some streets make them unsafe for driving -- especially at night. Consider only allowing parking on one side of the street or with residential permits only. Improving lighting, sidewalks, and biking would be outstanding. On a related note, I'm not sure why access to the College Park shuttle is so onerous for residents. Instead of an annual card that has to be renewed in person, consider mailing a card to all residents or simply providing a sticker that is placed on a driver's license or something more permanent that residents can reliably use until the ID expires.

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Volunteers to the City who are on an Official Committee should get free parking within the City. This is not only an incentive for people to join a Committee but a small way of saying thanks to residents who volunteer their time to make the City better. There can be criteria (committee must be active, meet monthly and must attend X # of meetings to qualify) so that it is not abused. A yearly pass that you put in your window that expires at the end of the year can be used.

We volunteers on Committees meet monthly and put in many hours that are uncompensated. We do it to make our City better for us and everyone else. Getting volunteers to put in this time is hard - many say they want to help out, but few step up (understood, it is a time commitment that some may not have). As someone who has been on a Committee for a long time, I can attest to the fact that it is hard to get to people to join and often there are just a handful of us making the commitment. This would help us get people and be a nice gesture for those who are on there now.

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Kristina Al over 2 years ago

I would love to see the downtown area revitalized. I would like small businesses: restaurants, bars, coffee shops, odds and ends (e.g., Vigilante, Arts & Crafts, Tanglewood, Three Little Birds, Green Owl, Franklins, Sugar Vault). It would also be amazing for the city to start facilitating DIY projects to help homeowners improve their gardens and homes. I would also like a framers market that is on the weekends when more folks are available. Also, credits and incentives to improve older buildings rather than gutting/tearing down.

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Clinton Sorzano over 2 years ago

I am undocumented, and have lived in Hyattsville for 12 years (living in the US for 17 years). I volunteer with a homeless shelter on a weekly basis, very active in my church, and even volunteer at Hyattsville events, and yes, I pay taxes.

I love this community very much because of it’s diversity and incredible neighbors that I have come to know over these many years.

Last Sunday, I went to church. When announcement was made of the ICE raids a few weeks ago, I was so terrified, I did not leave my house for close to two weeks. Even though I am in good standing with the law, I was terrified. I did not go to church, I did not go to the grocery store, to work or do any of my regular volunteer activities.

As a sanctuary city, I will feel safe once again to contribute to this community (an country) that I love so very much. Until I have the opportunity to become a legal resident of the US, I hope to continue to do good for this country. Hyattsville being a sanctuary helps.

Hoppy/citrusy -- def not malty/sweet/fruity

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