• The amount of parking on some streets make them unsafe for driving -- especially at night. Consider only allowing parking on one side of the street or with residential permits only. Improving lighting, sidewalks, and biking would be outstanding. On a related note, I'm not sure why access to the College Park shuttle is so onerous for residents. Instead of an annual card that has to be renewed in person, consider mailing a card to all residents or simply providing a sticker that is placed on a driver's license or something more permanent that residents can reliably use until the ID expires.

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  • Kristina Al over 2 years ago

    I would love to see the downtown area revitalized. I would like small businesses: restaurants, bars, coffee shops, odds and ends (e.g., Vigilante, Arts & Crafts, Tanglewood, Three Little Birds, Green Owl, Franklins, Sugar Vault). It would also be amazing for the city to start facilitating DIY projects to help homeowners improve their gardens and homes. I would also like a framers market that is on the weekends when more folks are available. Also, credits and incentives to improve older buildings rather than gutting/tearing down.

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  • Hoppy/citrusy -- def not malty/sweet/fruity

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