Change is hard. I totally get it. However, this article - details how the park got it's name and the raciest, discriminatory practices that were mandated to be part of the deal in giving the land to the City. Times have changed and we should not be honoring/memorializing the name Magruder. I've heard HOPE Park being suggested by others. Don't really care that much other than removing "Magruder".

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Volunteers to the City who are on an Official Committee should get free parking within the City. This is not only an incentive for people to join a Committee but a small way of saying thanks to residents who volunteer their time to make the City better. There can be criteria (committee must be active, meet monthly and must attend X # of meetings to qualify) so that it is not abused. A yearly pass that you put in your window that expires at the end of the year can be used.

We volunteers on Committees meet monthly and put in many hours that are uncompensated. We do it to make our City better for us and everyone else. Getting volunteers to put in this time is hard - many say they want to help out, but few step up (understood, it is a time commitment that some may not have). As someone who has been on a Committee for a long time, I can attest to the fact that it is hard to get to people to join and often there are just a handful of us making the commitment. This would help us get people and be a nice gesture for those who are on there now.

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The first option had the stage area way to close to Hamilton. There is too much traffic on Hamilton to have a stage that close plus there is little shade coverage. Much better in the 2nd design where the stage is more towards the center.

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The development and investment occurring in and around the Historic Arts District is incredibly exciting. Whether at the Busboy & Poets or the new Pizza Paradiso, the new investment flowing into our community represents an incredibly positive trajectory for us all and will encourage others to also invest and reinvest in our community. We should do everything in our power to support the continued development of our community and why I feel that the Werrlein proposal is vital to our community's continued growth.

Whether at the gathering at Vigilante coffee shop last year or in other settings, over the past few months, Jonathan Werrlein has actively sought out community input for this proposal and has demonstrated a commitment to listening and adjusting plans for Magruder Pointe based on our input. In this process, he has proven himself to be someone who genuinely wants to contribute to our community in a meaningful way.

On a personal level, we live directly across the street from the WSSC site and we are forced to look at this rotting building each day. Living across the street, we know the demolition will be an inconvenience for a time but the pros of having new development and new investment in our community far outweigh any negatives in the short term. We certainly will not miss looking at that structure when it is gone. In my view, the plans for Magruder Pointe Development cannot start soon enough.

Kathrin Black over 1 year ago

I live directly across from this building and have watched it rot for 20+ years. I fully support the demolition of this building and the Werrlein Properties, LLC proposal.

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Ben Ricker over 1 year ago

My family has been in business in West Hyattsville for over 50 years. During that time, we have seen the WSSC building sit vacant for years. Every effort at re-using the building was opposed by the community for various reasons. I believe we now have a developer that is bringing a quality design for a project that fits well within the existing community. We are in full support of the Werrlein project, please move forward with this proposal so we do not have to be saddled with this old, vacant building for years to come.

I’m in favor of the proposal. In the twelve years that my family and I have lived in Hyattsville, I’ve only seen the properties in question devolve. While increasing the housing density will, as others have stated, create new demands on the city’s resources, the city in return will receive an increase in tax revenue as well as the talents and energy of new residents. As it currently stands, Magruder Park is bordered by an enormous, decaying parking lot and a building decades vacant with no sign from its current owner, the Douglass Corporation, of intention to ever preserve or better it. I’d much prefer to see Magruder Park surrounded by homes, be they single family or townhouses. I like the improved design and the emphasis- with the porches and green spaces- on neighborliness, the very thing that appealed to my family when we moved to Hyattsville.

I’ve personally had such a positive experience with Werrlein Properties and can’t speak highly enough of the entire crew. They did a beautiful renovation of our family home and built the neighboring houses as well, bringing life back to a corner long in disrepair. I really think we as a community are lucky to have an interested, capable builder who cares enough to try and get it right.

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At minimum, the city should consider banning military assault weapons in public spaces- schools, playgrounds, houses of worship. The wellbeing and security of our young children and citizens depend on it. Without such sensible measures the safety of our children will remain compromised- whether they are playing, biking or skating with friends in their neighborhood playgrounds, at school, or simply attending services at church, mosque, or synagogue. It is important to note, this does not ban the right of citizens to own guns- but to simply ask that they not carry them in areas where large number of children congregate and have no way to defend themselves from anyone with a bad intent. Simply put, the city can protect the right of citizens to own guns and also adopt sensible measures that would make it harder to mercilessly injure and kill tens of innocent people in 60 seconds- that as it stands are legally sanctioned by our state laws.


Lets work on replacing the inherently small crape myrtle trees along the north face of Hamilton Street (W. Hyattsville's Main St) and install native seasonal canopy trees (ie. Acer rubrum / Red Maple) along the north and south sides (and median if needed) to enhance the streetscape appeal. Its a very low-cost task with a positive return.

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