Hyattsville needs both excellent schools and excellent green and park spaces. We are not a community that solves problems by pitting the environment, education, and community spaces against each other. We should preserve our schools and the spaces at Magruder Park.

Hyattsville Middle School needs urgent repairs. And Hyattsville's large population near the park needs much more green space, not less, and much better facilities--the park is full to the brim on evenings and weekends. It would harm our community, our environment, our wildlife, our wetlands--and our middle school children--to take away the small amount of park, green, and wooded spaces we have. Buildings can be renovated or rebuilt, but once park space and woods are gone, they are gone forever.

None of these problems should be rushed to a solution. But where prompt action is needed for the middle school, the best solution in a densely populated city is to go vertical. HMS should build a showcase school on its own site by building up multiple levels. The cost of doing so is not as much as the severe long term cost of losing our parks and fields and forests. Building on HMS's site also avoids problems from the flood plain and property transfers at the park, which could delay or derail the project.

HMS's acreage is not ideal--neither is our park's size for our population. But HMS's space is more than many inside-the-beltway schools have, and our community can band together to help students, families, and neighbors bear temporary construction burdens. We will come out on the other side with a top notch school, and no less park and green space for Hyattsville to preserve and improve in the future.

To maximize Hyattsville's potential and attract new residents, we cannot solve infrastructure needs by abandoning the small amount of green space and parks we have. Let's unite to support Hyattsville Middle School building up on the space where it is, and let's keep the park and green space and woods so we can to improve and expand it, not lose it permanently.

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Elizabeth Bowman 7 months ago

Seriously behind the eightball on this (among other things) PG county! Our city should permit chickens and ducks to be raised in small amounts on our property (no roosters obviously). Just look how Takoma Park and DC have written codes and get on it!

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Idea: Bikeshare

Is Be 9 months ago

Hyattsville needs to try and attract more capital bike share stations. These station come with a ton of benefits. Studies show they can reduce traffic, increase property values, make the city more accessible, and they are also a good way for residents to exercise. I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be at the two metro stations, the arts district and along queens chapel road.

I'm late to the party here, but I'd propose adding Quintana St. to the list of small, narrow streets receiving very heavy cut-through traffic. This tiny street between Queens Chapel and East-West Hwy is a (infamously) popular cut-through for people trying to avoid the Belcrest/Queens Chapel intersection light debacle. AND it's DANGEROUS, not just inconvenient, for those of who live on the street because the street's curve makes visibility very poor. It's a mess.

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Showing results for: (1)The idea to make Farragut Street from 42nd Avenue eastbound to Route 1 has been tried before and found to be unsafe. Visibility to turn north from Farragut to 42nd is very poor and there is parking on both sides of Farragut between 42nd Avenue and 43rd Avenue and not enough space for both eastbound and westbound traffic. This was tried before a number of years ago and after a short period of time the two-way traffic was restored to eastbound only. There might be City staff still around who remember this earlier experiment. (2) I wholeheartedly support the proposal to install a traffic light at the intersection of Armentrout and alternate Route 1. Present visibility from Armentrout to alternate Route 1 southbound is very poor.

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The amount of parking on some streets make them unsafe for driving -- especially at night. Consider only allowing parking on one side of the street or with residential permits only. Improving lighting, sidewalks, and biking would be outstanding. On a related note, I'm not sure why access to the College Park shuttle is so onerous for residents. Instead of an annual card that has to be renewed in person, consider mailing a card to all residents or simply providing a sticker that is placed on a driver's license or something more permanent that residents can reliably use until the ID expires.

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Christopher Etienne, Public Advocate about 1 year ago

My name is Christopher A. Etienne. I am a resident and taxpayer of Hyattsville, Maryland. Currently, I work for a Member of the United States Congress on Capitol Hill. I earned my master's degree from Howard University in Washington, DC and my bachelor's degree from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

The morning of Thursday, October 4, 2018 I was informed by a family member that a burglar, or group of thieves, broke her car window and stole all of her items from her car that was parked inside the University Town Center Garage B - Lot# 39 - B, garage number "P1." She has filed a police report and others of this kind. However, the Atlantic Services Group, Inc., the operators of the University Town Center Garage, do not have security cameras installed inside this parking garage.

According to the Prince George's County Police department, one of the biggest misconceptions about auto theft is where they occur. As you may know, more than 33% of all vehicle thefts occur near the car owner's residence and around 20% of thefts occur in parking lots.

I am proposing to the public servants representing the City of Hyattsville, Maryland to require the Atlantic Services Group, Inc. to strongly consider installing security cameras inside and around, the different parking levels, of the University Town Center Garage B - Lot# 39 - B. This is a needed public safety for the residents and college students, especially for the female residents and college students who own vehicles. Parking garage security cameras could discourage a thief and encourage a resident.

One discouraged resident said, "Despite the high prices for parking charged in this garage, Atlantic has essentially no security in this garage at all. I've parked here for two years and have seen countless people have items stolen from their cars. More recently cars have had their windows bashed in, tires stolen, and locks broken. A complete waste of money to pay to be in this garage when Atlantic is not going to bother to put up cameras or do security patrols."

In closing, the University Town Center Garage B needs video surveillance. Video surveillance is another essential deterrent for parking garage crime. The simple presence of well-marked, vandal-resistant cameras is an effective deterrent. And, if watched carefully enough with remote monitoring services and/or paired with intelligent video monitoring software and remote speakers, it may be able to prevent crimes or stop them as they happen – without the prohibitive expense of multiple on-site security guards. The phone numbers listed for Atlantic Services Group, Inc. is (301) 779-9696 and (301) 214-2490.

I look forward to your prompt response and working with you to protect the public safety.

Create a bike boulevard on Queensbury Road, which would improve the bicycle network in the City and the region. A bike boulevard on Queensbury Road would improve the City's bicycle network by connecting the proposed bicycle lanes on Belcrest Road (which in the final plan's map end at Queens Chapel Road) with the proposed bicycle boulevard on 40th Ave, and create a key east-west route through the northern part of the city. A Queensbury Road bike boulevard would also significantly improve the bicycle network regionally by connecting the proposed bike lanes near PG Plaza (Belcrest Road, Adelphi Road, and Toledo Terrace) with the bicycle sharing lanes installed on Queensbury and Riverdale Roads in Riverdale Park (, which would give Hyattsville residents an improved route to the Trolley Trail (e.g., Riverdale Station, College Park), the Riverdale MARC Station, the Anacostia Tributary Trail where it intersects at Riverdale Road, and the future Purple Line stations. It would also directly connect several of the proposed Capital Bikeshare stations to be installed in the area.

The planning department says they have no influence regarding what can be done on Baltimore Avenue, East-West Highway, and Queens Chapel. They claim this because the said roadeways are owned and operated by the State Highway Association. Yet, Hyattsville city planners provide no warnings on the wikimap or in other community interfaces so the public can be aware that their ideas for Baltimore Avenue, East-West Highway, and Queens Chapel, will not come to fruition. To add to the confusion, they verbally provide a link during project meetings to where we can comment on SHA roadways.

More importantly, I spoke with SHA and the Transportation Planners at Prince George's County. They confirmed that the City of Hyattsville planner's perception of no influence is incorrect and short of completing the planning tasks of collaboration and coordination during the planning process. In the industry, this is called "working in a vacuum".

Please be aware that Hyattsville planning staff and leadership do not want to work anymore than obligatory. Lets challenge them to set meetings and coordinate with their municipal counterparts. This action will fulfill what all of these cool internet tools aspire to offer. After all, its not that hard to set up a meeting and speak up on behalf of your city.

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I added this before but cant find it on the list. Our rents are too high for most seniors to afford even if they wanted to downsize and move out of their homes. It is also important for us to keep a diverse community economically and otherwise. Council should have a strategy for this - e.g., making sure that developers include a number of affordable units. I personally went around recently to all the condos, townhomes (inaccessible), and rental units including Mosaic and the ones near the BBT and Palette. None of them have affordable units even for someone still working and making a reasonable salary. Ultimately this professional woman who works at UMd who was looking to downsize decided on staying in Silver Spring.

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Improve the safety of the Northwest Branch Trail crosswalk on Queens Chapel between Chillem and Ager Rd. I regularly see cars stop that are in the lane next to the pedestrian or cyclist while the car in the 2nd lane going the same direction just flies through the crosswalk without stopping. I thought my husband was going to be hit the other day as we were attempting to cross on our bicycles. This is a really dangerous pedestrian crossing and the need for a light must be addressed. I suggest installing a stop light that can be activated by the pedestrian (or cyclist) wanting to cross. We need more bike lanes and protection for pedestrians.

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Currently, the City is broken into unconnected parts, such as * the EYA/Franklins/Vigilante restaurant area * Magruder Park * Heurich Park * Two Metros * West Hyattsville/East Hyattsville/North Hyattsville (and, within those, various sub-neighborhoods) * Mall ++ (UTC, etc.)

These all feel very DISconnected from each other. We need a way to visually and physically (and thus, emotionally and communitarianly - hey, language is fluid!) connect/bring these parts together. This is an urban design question and I'm sure there are experts out there who specialize in this; so no need to reinvent the wheel. Let's talk to them!

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Either by connecting it to the pathway from 34th Avenue, or where 35th Avenue and Oliver Street meet, through the bridge leading up to the parking garage. This would shorten many people's walking time from streets further west of Jamestown Road. This would also mean fewer people walking through the Nicholas Orem Middle School parking lot, and having to go all the way around the Giant to get there.

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