Meeting Time: February 20, 2018 at 8:00pm EST
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Agenda Item

8.a) Landy Development - Preliminary Plan of Subdivision (4-17007) (10 minutes)

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    Nikki Thompson 10 months ago

    neutral; haven't SEEN actual plan.Woodland areas once developed can't be undone-plan carefully! Wetlands are more than simple retention ponds must be considered both as 'natural features' helping with storm water management.Due to ever-reduced connectivity of these spaces with our parks and streams, there Will be increased movement of deer and other small wildlife along stream corridors nearby.Green spaces are critical to ANY new development,not just a couple of grills and a bench+table.

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    Lisa Walker 10 months ago

    I am still concerned about the accessibility and affordability of much of the development in Hyattsville and do not see how the comments the City is submitting will have any impact on this. I don't oppose the whole development, I want the Council to take action to make sure we remain a diverse, accessible and affordable community for all ages, incomes and backgrounds.