Meeting Time: February 20, 2018 at 8:00pm EST
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    Nikki Thompson 7 months ago

    Hyatt Park-seating for elders close to impervious walkways that are constructed wi. newer technologies so water adsorbed vs run-off?Farmer's Market,Any mkt-pls no.Turf will be destroyed,vendors won't be easily set-up,& families wi strollers will be off-put.Manage water! or it will be a mud-pit.Keep the market where it is!Parking lots make sense!Sidewalk management on Hamilton St.-always been a mess:ineffective curbing,lots of mud (walkway dips making it lower road). Access to bus stop Important.

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    Lisa Walker 7 months ago

    Couldn't figure out how to add a second comment on Hyatt Park so I'm adding it here. We have problems in the garden with unwanted 2 legged visitors taking vegetables. The increased use of the park means that this will likely increase. Specifically, I think adding more entrances at the corner of 36 and Hamilton is a possible problem as in the allee....e.g. the proposal to take down part of the fencing.