Hyattsville needs both excellent schools and excellent green and park spaces. We are not a community that solves problems by pitting the environment, education, and community spaces against each other. We should preserve our schools and the spaces at Magruder Park.

Hyattsville Middle School needs urgent repairs. And Hyattsville's large population near the park needs much more green space, not less, and much better facilities--the park is full to the brim on evenings and weekends. It would harm our community, our environment, our wildlife, our wetlands--and our middle school children--to take away the small amount of park, green, and wooded spaces we have. Buildings can be renovated or rebuilt, but once park space and woods are gone, they are gone forever.

None of these problems should be rushed to a solution. But where prompt action is needed for the middle school, the best solution in a densely populated city is to go vertical. HMS should build a showcase school on its own site by building up multiple levels. The cost of doing so is not as much as the severe long term cost of losing our parks and fields and forests. Building on HMS's site also avoids problems from the flood plain and property transfers at the park, which could delay or derail the project.

HMS's acreage is not ideal--neither is our park's size for our population. But HMS's space is more than many inside-the-beltway schools have, and our community can band together to help students, families, and neighbors bear temporary construction burdens. We will come out on the other side with a top notch school, and no less park and green space for Hyattsville to preserve and improve in the future.

To maximize Hyattsville's potential and attract new residents, we cannot solve infrastructure needs by abandoning the small amount of green space and parks we have. Let's unite to support Hyattsville Middle School building up on the space where it is, and let's keep the park and green space and woods so we can to improve and expand it, not lose it permanently.

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Change is hard. I totally get it. However, this article - details how the park got it's name and the raciest, discriminatory practices that were mandated to be part of the deal in giving the land to the City. Times have changed and we should not be honoring/memorializing the name Magruder. I've heard HOPE Park being suggested by others. Don't really care that much other than removing "Magruder".

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"You are more than the worst thing you have ever done" said Bryan Stevenson in his book, "Just Mercy". He didn't say "You are more than the worst thing you have ever done, except for you Mr. Magruder." I can't judge Magruder based on the fact of a racist covenant from 1927. I do not have enough information. Two things I can say: let's remove the covenant, and then let's name the basketball court at Magruder after Victor Oladipo. He was a number two pick in the NBA draft in 2013 and he attended Saint Jerome's and De Matha. Forgiveness and honesty will get us further from all kinds of prejudice and hate than judging the behavior of a person we've never met and know relatively little about.

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The Park on Gallatin Street should be restricted as a children park - NOT a dog park. Dogs are allowed to roam freely in park, defecate as they please (which is TOO often ignored by the pet owner) and behave w/o repercussions. My daughter was brought to tears this morning as a dog aggressively charged and jumped on her stroller. This has happened repeatedly. And WHO wants their kids playing, rolling around in the grass with dog pee n' poo. Strongly believe there should be a no dog policy in the park

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Idea: Urban Beach

Jackita Bass almost 3 years ago

Build an urban beach near the Anacostia tributary

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