p g almost 3 years ago

It would be great if the old WSSC building on Gallatin street could be renovated to be used as a multipurpose community center. We could model it based on the old Greenbelt Community Center. Classes in the arts, crafts, exercise, language, etc could be offered. Sports activities such as volleyball, table tennis badminton and more could be fun for all ages and abilities. Also, activities for seniors could be safely hosted there. It would certainly be a positive use of the property that has been vacant for many, many years.

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Improve the safety of the Northwest Branch Trail crosswalk on Queens Chapel between Chillem and Ager Rd. I regularly see cars stop that are in the lane next to the pedestrian or cyclist while the car in the 2nd lane going the same direction just flies through the crosswalk without stopping. I thought my husband was going to be hit the other day as we were attempting to cross on our bicycles. This is a really dangerous pedestrian crossing and the need for a light must be addressed. I suggest installing a stop light that can be activated by the pedestrian (or cyclist) wanting to cross. We need more bike lanes and protection for pedestrians. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/eight-pedestrians-died-on-washington-area-roads-in-a-single-month-that-toll-is-not-unusual/2016/10/15/29de8bb8-8ef6-11e6-9c85-ac42097b8cc0_story.html

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Currently, the City is broken into unconnected parts, such as * the EYA/Franklins/Vigilante restaurant area * Magruder Park * Heurich Park * Two Metros * West Hyattsville/East Hyattsville/North Hyattsville (and, within those, various sub-neighborhoods) * Mall ++ (UTC, etc.)

These all feel very DISconnected from each other. We need a way to visually and physically (and thus, emotionally and communitarianly - hey, language is fluid!) connect/bring these parts together. This is an urban design question and I'm sure there are experts out there who specialize in this; so no need to reinvent the wheel. Let's talk to them!

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iris Maurer almost 3 years ago

I am not necessarily opposed to the principle of letting aliens vote in Hyattsville elections, but I strongly object to three conditions proposed. Frankly, I am shocked at what is proposed.

  1. The age 16 is too young; it should be 18. Although 16-yr.-olds may register to vote in MD, they may not vote until they are 18 before the next general election. Further, in MD a 16-yr.-old cannot get a regular driver’s license, but only a provisional one. If the State of MD considers that a 16-yr.-old is not mature enough to make wise decisions while driving, why should we consider them mature enough to make decisions about issues and who governs us, when these decisions affect our whole city?

  2. Having Hyattsville as the primary residence for 14 days is much too short; it should be at least 1 year. In 14 days how can they possibly understand the issues involved or know enough about the candidates to vote intelligently?

  3. They should not be allowed to register on election day; they should be required to register at least one week before any voting for the election is allowed. I think same-day registration opens the door for corruption.

The proposed conditions give the appearance of wanting to court the alien community in order to get their votes!

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Either by connecting it to the pathway from 34th Avenue, or where 35th Avenue and Oliver Street meet, through the bridge leading up to the parking garage. This would shorten many people's walking time from streets further west of Jamestown Road. This would also mean fewer people walking through the Nicholas Orem Middle School parking lot, and having to go all the way around the Giant to get there.

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Improve the area around the West Hyattsville Metro to make it attractive to new businesses such as new coffee shops and restaurants, especially the area around the corner of Hamilton St. and Queens Chapel. That would make the area feel safer, encourage young families to move there, improve the walkability score for those neighborhoods, and help real estate values.

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don't allow prolonged durations of vacant buildings, add an identity of name or number to city alleyways, improvements of parking spaces, connect childcare line, connect mental health care, connect substance abuse assistance, domestic violence shelter, bringing back spiritual leadership and churches, area safe for teens to have space of their own and something to do, highschool level job and skill training, education more available online such as homeschooling minors with ease, space in schools are an issue needs to be addressed, improve prenatal care for people wanting help to overcome the hardship during the first year of life, better connect access for elderly

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We need development for the city to continue to improve, but we need to look at how to develop and grow in a sustainable manner that respects the environment, yields good economic outcomes for the city and its residents, and fosters civic and social progress and engagement. In general, I think Hyattsville has been better at this than not, but we need to be more deliberate in how we go about things.

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