Improve the area around the West Hyattsville Metro to make it attractive to new businesses such as new coffee shops and restaurants, especially the area around the corner of Hamilton St. and Queens Chapel. That would make the area feel safer, encourage young families to move there, improve the walkability score for those neighborhoods, and help real estate values.

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don't allow prolonged durations of vacant buildings, add an identity of name or number to city alleyways, improvements of parking spaces, connect childcare line, connect mental health care, connect substance abuse assistance, domestic violence shelter, bringing back spiritual leadership and churches, area safe for teens to have space of their own and something to do, highschool level job and skill training, education more available online such as homeschooling minors with ease, space in schools are an issue needs to be addressed, improve prenatal care for people wanting help to overcome the hardship during the first year of life, better connect access for elderly

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We need development for the city to continue to improve, but we need to look at how to develop and grow in a sustainable manner that respects the environment, yields good economic outcomes for the city and its residents, and fosters civic and social progress and engagement. In general, I think Hyattsville has been better at this than not, but we need to be more deliberate in how we go about things.

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