Lets try to promote our City as a more unique And local experience for other regional residents to want to visit.

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I added this before but cant find it on the list. Our rents are too high for most seniors to afford even if they wanted to downsize and move out of their homes. It is also important for us to keep a diverse community economically and otherwise. Council should have a strategy for this - e.g., making sure that developers include a number of affordable units. I personally went around recently to all the condos, townhomes (inaccessible), and rental units including Mosaic and the ones near the BBT and Palette. None of them have affordable units even for someone still working and making a reasonable salary. Ultimately this professional woman who works at UMd who was looking to downsize decided on staying in Silver Spring.

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What about creating a Food Bank/Soup Kitchen/Food Service training center? Local supermarkets and restaurants could donate food they cannot sell. High school students could volunteer for community service hours. Qualified instructors could train people in food services. Hungry citizens could get a meal, or pantry suplies.

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Idea: Urban Beach

Jackita Bass over 2 years ago

Build an urban beach near the Anacostia tributary


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It could be as simple as posting a schedule of when various sports will be played when.

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I propose the development or adoption of a lighting ordinance based on the Model Ordinance drafted by the Dark Sky Association and approved by the Illumination Engineers Society of North America which help guide the reduction of light pollution. See: http://darksky.org/lighting/lighting-ordinances/ and a PDF of the model ordienance with explanations is available at: http://darksky.org/wp-content/uploads/bsk-pdf-manager/16_MLO_FINAL_JUNE2011.PDF

Unshielded and improperly install lighting reduces our ability to see all but the brightest stars at night, it creates unsafe interactions between drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, decreases security through reduced visibility through correct lighting, and reduces the disruption of biorhythms impact of artificial light on humans and the environment. We can lead the area in properly installed and shielded lights and with other communities adopting these we will all see more of the night sky and be safer when out at night.

Attached is the model ordinance and I encourage everyone to read more about light intrusion and light pollution at http://darksky.org/lighting.

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p g over 2 years ago

It would be great if the old WSSC building on Gallatin street could be renovated to be used as a multipurpose community center. We could model it based on the old Greenbelt Community Center. Classes in the arts, crafts, exercise, language, etc could be offered. Sports activities such as volleyball, table tennis badminton and more could be fun for all ages and abilities. Also, activities for seniors could be safely hosted there. It would certainly be a positive use of the property that has been vacant for many, many years.

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Improve the safety of the Northwest Branch Trail crosswalk on Queens Chapel between Chillem and Ager Rd. I regularly see cars stop that are in the lane next to the pedestrian or cyclist while the car in the 2nd lane going the same direction just flies through the crosswalk without stopping. I thought my husband was going to be hit the other day as we were attempting to cross on our bicycles. This is a really dangerous pedestrian crossing and the need for a light must be addressed. I suggest installing a stop light that can be activated by the pedestrian (or cyclist) wanting to cross. We need more bike lanes and protection for pedestrians. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/eight-pedestrians-died-on-washington-area-roads-in-a-single-month-that-toll-is-not-unusual/2016/10/15/29de8bb8-8ef6-11e6-9c85-ac42097b8cc0_story.html

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Currently, the City is broken into unconnected parts, such as * the EYA/Franklins/Vigilante restaurant area * Magruder Park * Heurich Park * Two Metros * West Hyattsville/East Hyattsville/North Hyattsville (and, within those, various sub-neighborhoods) * Mall ++ (UTC, etc.)

These all feel very DISconnected from each other. We need a way to visually and physically (and thus, emotionally and communitarianly - hey, language is fluid!) connect/bring these parts together. This is an urban design question and I'm sure there are experts out there who specialize in this; so no need to reinvent the wheel. Let's talk to them!

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