• More economic prosperity
  • more small businesses would flourish
  • More walking, socializing and community strength
  • less crime
  • makes being out and about more pleasant without worrying about being run over by cars on storefront sidewalks
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A couple of homeless guys have been sleeping and staying on my property Sunoco 5601 ager road hyattsville md 20782. I have reason to believe they keep breaking into my store. Is it possible make police agents of property?

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Wil White over 1 year ago

A lot of trash collects at street curbs, especially after it rains. And, also can clog up gutters. Street sweepers, either manual or machine would help to prevent flooding or pooling of water.

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Patrick Shannon over 1 year ago

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Vehicle access to Edward M. Felegy Elementary parking lot from Nicholson St before the start of next school year. During school drop off time (~7:30am) parents park and double park in the no stopping zones on Nicholson St to let their children out in order to enter the school. This blocks the entire roadway- sometimes in both directions- and causes other cars to swerve around them. Children and adults frequently cross outside of the crosswalk, which makes this situation all the more dangerous. I'm very worried that a child or adult will be injured and hoping that adding vehicle access to the school's parking lot could help prevent such a tragedy before it occurs. At the minimum, a crossing guard, school official, or police officer should be posted here at this busy time to ensure traffic laws are followed and students are able to enter school safely.

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