The planning department says they have no influence regarding what can be done on Baltimore Avenue, East-West Highway, and Queens Chapel. They claim this because the said roadeways are owned and operated by the State Highway Association. Yet, Hyattsville city planners provide no warnings on the wikimap or in other community interfaces so the public can be aware that their ideas for Baltimore Avenue, East-West Highway, and Queens Chapel, will not come to fruition. To add to the confusion, they verbally provide a link during project meetings to where we can comment on SHA roadways.

More importantly, I spoke with SHA and the Transportation Planners at Prince George's County. They confirmed that the City of Hyattsville planner's perception of no influence is incorrect and short of completing the planning tasks of collaboration and coordination during the planning process. In the industry, this is called "working in a vacuum".

Please be aware that Hyattsville planning staff and leadership do not want to work anymore than obligatory. Lets challenge them to set meetings and coordinate with their municipal counterparts. This action will fulfill what all of these cool internet tools aspire to offer. After all, its not that hard to set up a meeting and speak up on behalf of your city.

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Laura Reams admin at December 07, 2017 at 3:42pm EST

Mr. Bello, The City/planning staff has a longstanding relationship with SHA District Office and the County DPW&T. They do provide the City with information and consider our input in decision making, but like everything else, they work based on funding and State/County priorities. Please give us a call or send an email if you have a specific issue you would like the City/planning staff to be aware of.