Some citizens in Hyattsville--typically younger and more agile than me--like to play "chicken" with the traffic at this intersection and also at Hamilton and Ager, across from the Metro Station. One time I arrived at the intersection after a young man. I assumed he had pushed the button for a pedestrian to cross, but he had not. I got confused when he crossed without the pedestrian sign. I started to step into the intersection to cross and was almost mowed down by an 18 bus making a right turn. (I guess his audible warning about making a turn was not working that morning.) I almost lost my life that morning. Crossing streets safely in Hyattsville not be something you need to think twice about, provided you are not distracted by some hand-held device or conversation with a companion. Make the crossing automatic for pedestrians.

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Laura Reams admin over 1 year ago

Mr. Padgett,

Thanks for sharing your story, glad you are ok. The intersection at Hamilton Street and Queens Chapel Road is owned and operated by the State Highway Administration as MD500. MD500 is currently undergoing a phased construction project. The State project is focused on pedestrian and roadway safety improvements on Queens Chapel Road from the intersection at Belcrest Road to the DC line. For more information on the project, including scope and timeline, visit

You may also directly contact the State Highway Administration District 3 Office directly at 301-513-7300.

Please let us know if you need more information!

Juanita Torrence over 1 year ago

Something definitely needs to be done to make this crossing safe for pedestrians and bicycles. The city needs to advocate on the part of our residents and pressure the apprropriate state agencies to take action. I have quit using my bike on the trail due to that dangerous crossing.