I've been in Zone 4 for over 4 years and I've noticed that there are quite a few homes that have way too many cars parked on the street. Some of my neighbors have driveways and don't even use them. The house across the street from me occupies 5 street spots, and sometimes 6 on a weekly basis. This is way too many cars for one single family household.

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Alan Stepney 24 days ago

In the area of zone 4, there are very few houses in which there is no proper parking area for cars. This cause much difficulty for the residents of that area. There are more than one cars for each family that requires essay writing service reviews best service space so there should be proper parking for them.

Stephanie Hobbs 24 days ago

Alan, can you please stop commenting on my post? If it's getting removed, then it's for a reason. I don't want to get notifications every day that you have re-replied with the exact same comment. I will be forced to remove my idea.