Lets work on replacing the inherently small crape myrtle trees along the north face of Hamilton Street (W. Hyattsville's Main St) and install native seasonal canopy trees (ie. Acer rubrum / Red Maple) along the north and south sides (and median if needed) to enhance the streetscape appeal. Its a very low-cost task with a positive return.

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Laura Reams admin over 1 year ago

Hi Mike, great idea, thanks for the posting. For clarification to you and other readers, this section on the road is owned by the County. I'll share this post with our DPW Director, Lesley Riddle who may be able to give you more details on the process or a contact to reach out to at County that may be able to help with this initiative. We'll reach out to you directly on this next week.

Mark Graham over 1 year ago

A really good idea.Mike, . Of course the County, in it's wisdom, cut down the trees along Hamilton a few years back, apparently at the behest of some business owners who feared the trees obscured their signs.