I would like to see a traffic study conducted at the intersection of 410 (E-W Highway) and Queens Chapel. Cars that are driving west on 410 (E-W Highway) and that are turning right (north) onto Queens Chapel Road have a "no turn on red" sign, yet this sign is very seldom obeyed. When pedestrians are crossing 410 (I do this daily), cars are often continuing to make a right turn on red while pedestrians are in the crosswalk. I would like to propose that we conduct a traffic study to get this documented and evaluate options to make the intersection safer for pedestrians. One idea would be to Install a red arrow light to better communicate "no right turn" for traffic driving west on 410 and turning right onto Queens Chapel northbound. I also wonder if the "No turn on red" sign is placed visibly enough. When the sun is setting at the end of the day, visibility is compromised and the sign is harder to see. Thank you!

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Yohannes Bennehoff over 1 year ago

This intersection needs to be redesigned, a traffic circle would probably be much safer and easier to use. There are city plans to redesign a good portion of HWY 410, but county and state approval are also need on any changes that will be made.

Charles Stephen Padgett 10 months ago

After the second time I was blocked by a car from crossing Queen's Chapel on the south end of this intersection (I was on a bicycle and the car was squarely in the crosswalk and refused to budge), I vowed I would begin to take photos of the driver and vehicle until the crosswalk was cleared and I could finish my crossing.

Laura Reams admin 10 months ago

Thanks all, for your comments and interest in improving the safety of our City streets.

The City recently launched the Hyattsville Transportation Plan to help improve existing transportation infrastructure, carry out new projects, and determine priorities for the next 20 years. A public forum will be held on Wednesday, September 20th at 7 PM at the City Building. We invite all to join us.

If you are unable to make the meeting, you may use the interactive Hyattsville Transportation Plan Map to provide feedback on specific areas in the City. The map can be found here: bit.ly/HyattsvilleTMP.

While the 410/Queens Chapel Road are State owned roads, the City plans to share the feedback and information gathered on State/County roads located in City limits with representatives from those agencies.