Improve the area around the West Hyattsville Metro to make it attractive to new businesses such as new coffee shops and restaurants, especially the area around the corner of Hamilton St. and Queens Chapel. That would make the area feel safer, encourage young families to move there, improve the walkability score for those neighborhoods, and help real estate values.

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Jaime Garay almost 2 years ago

I think west Hyattsville with its metro station has so much potential to be one of the best communities to live in Hyattsville. But we should start by cleaning and beautifying public areas along Agers road, Queens Chapel And these roads are wide enough to fit secured bike lanes. How great would that be?!

Mike Bello almost 2 years ago

Great idea! West Hyattsville can be a charismatic and inviting destination like other metro stops in the region. It has all of the potential. Hamilton Street can one day become it's "Main Street" with the said retail on both sides (although the south side will need more work). I recommend replacing the very small crape myrtle trees with more mature growing native canopy trees to begin the process of beautification an enhancements. Pedestrian-scaled street lighting and updated furniture would also help enhance the site. Art should also be more prevalent throughout the city (ie. gateways, crosswalk art, murals, local sculpture) throughout the city, with each area contributing its own character.

Juanita Torrence 10 months ago

LOVE the idea of making this area a walkable small town “Main Street”.

Juanita Torrence about 1 month ago

When we first moved here three years ago, I thought I saw a plan a plan for development of a small town center near the metro with green space, some coffee shops etc. What happened to that plan. Why is all the retail development happing on Baltimore that is already heavily trafficked. It seems that the area around Queens Chapel near the Metro is being ignored.