The Park on Gallatin Street should be restricted as a children park - NOT a dog park. Dogs are allowed to roam freely in park, defecate as they please (which is TOO often ignored by the pet owner) and behave w/o repercussions. My daughter was brought to tears this morning as a dog aggressively charged and jumped on her stroller. This has happened repeatedly. And WHO wants their kids playing, rolling around in the grass with dog pee n' poo. Strongly believe there should be a no dog policy in the park

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Laura Reams admin about 1 year ago

Thanks for the idea, Dan. I've passed your comments on to our City Administrator, Tracey Nicholson and DPW Director, Lesley Riddle for review. Please reach out if you have any questions!

valeriya sherman about 1 year ago

Hi Laura -- i have to second that sentiment. Wish there was some place dedicated to kids where they can put their feet on the grass and not step in poop or pee. This is a community with many young families. Pets should have a separate play space that is not the children's playground.

Chris Currie about 1 year ago

I know the fence around the park was created specifically so that the park could be used safely by very young children, and the playground was also upgraded to serve tots. Hyattsville has a designated dog park in Heurich Park. Unfortunately, the two uses don't mix well for the reasons Dan provides above. For the benefit of the many, many young children who use the park (which is located within a block or two of two elementary and pre-K schools), this park should be made off-limits to pets. If it is not, then the existing statutes regarding pets should be strictly enforced, including the leash law and picking up after one's pet.

(I say all this as someone who has neither a pet nor a young child.)