This should be a no-brainer. There's already a big-a** parking lot behind these business. Make people use these parking spaces. [Ask any driver of a The Bus or Metro bus if this isn't a good idea.] Maybe the city can provide other incentives for the business owners along Hamilton to open up their back doors to customers in cars, while keeping an attractive storefront on Hamilton for pedestrians and bicyclists. The new auto parts store facing Queen's Chapel has led the way in showing how a different configuration would work

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Marsha Mazz almost 2 years ago

A good idea only if the alley is made safer at night and more appealing. I doubt the existing stores have the space to open their rear doors to foot traffic - they'd have to reconfigure the interior e.g. move kitchens, storage areas, etc.

Matthew Mangiaracina about 1 year ago

Street parking would actually be preferable, and eliminate parking minimums