Parking minimums waste space that can be used for opening more businesses and promote more economic develpoment

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Jonathan Brier 12 months ago

What data is there to support this removal of parking minimums that supports small businesses? It may not be a generally applicable need, but that then should be addressed by petition for exemption rather than broadly. Looking broadly at what Hyattsville covers, some areas may be more adept to supporting no parking minimums, but in large part cars are needed to get places here until more complete street improvements are implemented. Would you explain further what part of the city this may be more applicable and in what situations?

Matthew Mangiaracina 12 months ago

Jonathan, the data is available when looking at any business that exists. Compare any business without part of their land devoted to parking and they're likely to generate more tax revenue per acre than a business that does have parking, especially when the proportion of car space to human space increases.

Its' true that complete street improvements must be made, but part of that includes the elimination of parking minimums in order to build properly, as well as zoning laws overall. Luckily, Hyattsville's original design lends itself to its elimination because it was originally built as a town where one could access most places they needed to go without a car. Here is an example of a city that's eliminated them and how they've benefited:

As well, here's an in-depth analysis on how parking minimums destroy business

Here's an example of many places that have already done this in the US: