From high school students to baby carriages, our city is growing smarter and using its feet and bicycles more than ever. If we cannot reduce the posted speed limit on roadways like US-1 we should implement smart crosswalk to minimize accidents and fatalities. Like Arlington County, and many other municipalities, these devices can help our speed cameras reduce speeds while adding that extra protection for other important commuters using our public rights of way - people and bikes.

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Mark Graham over 2 years ago

The intersection of Baltimore Ave (Route 1) and Jefferson is a disaster in the making.The traffic at rush hours is chaotic and dangerous, especially for pedestrians but for drivers also. THe intersection is commonly blocked by motorists trying to avoid sitting through another light. Vehicles rush through the intersection frequently changing lanes at the last minute. Of course this is largely due to the popularity of the Arts District stores, which is a good thing but without a solution to the problems wiht the intersection, we are likely to have several bad, possibly fatal accidents at Route One and Jefferson. I'd rather see something done before that happens, rather than as a result of such a tragedy.