Hyattsville needs both excellent schools and excellent green and park spaces. We are not a community that solves problems by pitting the environment, education, and community spaces against each other. We should preserve our schools and the spaces at Magruder Park.

Hyattsville Middle School needs urgent repairs. And Hyattsville's large population near the park needs much more green space, not less, and much better facilities--the park is full to the brim on evenings and weekends. It would harm our community, our environment, our wildlife, our wetlands--and our middle school children--to take away the small amount of park, green, and wooded spaces we have. Buildings can be renovated or rebuilt, but once park space and woods are gone, they are gone forever.

None of these problems should be rushed to a solution. But where prompt action is needed for the middle school, the best solution in a densely populated city is to go vertical. HMS should build a showcase school on its own site by building up multiple levels. The cost of doing so is not as much as the severe long term cost of losing our parks and fields and forests. Building on HMS's site also avoids problems from the flood plain and property transfers at the park, which could delay or derail the project.

HMS's acreage is not ideal--neither is our park's size for our population. But HMS's space is more than many inside-the-beltway schools have, and our community can band together to help students, families, and neighbors bear temporary construction burdens. We will come out on the other side with a top notch school, and no less park and green space for Hyattsville to preserve and improve in the future.

To maximize Hyattsville's potential and attract new residents, we cannot solve infrastructure needs by abandoning the small amount of green space and parks we have. Let's unite to support Hyattsville Middle School building up on the space where it is, and let's keep the park and green space and woods so we can to improve and expand it, not lose it permanently.

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Elizabeth Bowman 6 months ago

Seriously behind the eightball on this (among other things) PG county! Our city should permit chickens and ducks to be raised in small amounts on our property (no roosters obviously). Just look how Takoma Park and DC have written codes and get on it!

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Please convert crime spreadsheet to HTML via tabelizer website to make a more online searchable and accessible webpage. PDF document content is not visible to most search engines. Most search engines index only the metadata. To make the full content of the crime reports searchable, please convert them to HTML, which is super fast and easy with a free online tool called the tabelizer. Just copy and paste the spreadsheet content into the tabelizer, push the button and then copy and paste the HTML code into the webpage. This makes the content easier for people to download and process. Thank you.

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Change is hard. I totally get it. However, this article - details how the park got it's name and the raciest, discriminatory practices that were mandated to be part of the deal in giving the land to the City. Times have changed and we should not be honoring/memorializing the name Magruder. I've heard HOPE Park being suggested by others. Don't really care that much other than removing "Magruder".

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  • More economic prosperity
  • more small businesses would flourish
  • More walking, socializing and community strength
  • less crime
  • makes being out and about more pleasant without worrying about being run over by cars on storefront sidewalks
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We have waited for our representatives to raise the matter of "trash collection taxes being included in property taxes without service," but have had no real action.

Residents of multifamily condominium buildings are charged for trash and recycling services but receive no service from the City or County. This is done by classifying us as businesses, even though each residence in our building represents a single family home with family owners and payment responsibilities- just like any other single family home.

This situation represents a true financial hardship and injustice for the 143 Oglethorpe households (and other multifamily homes) who pay trash collection taxes to the city and recycling collection taxes to the county, in addition to an annual amount of approximately $18,000, for private trash and recycling pickup. About 2/3 of this cost is for the trash removal portion. This does not include individual costs for bulk trash pickup which every other Hyattsville household enjoys. This triple billing must stop.

We look forward to moving this issue forward and are open to discussing options (including tax refunds, trash pickup, etc.) with the public as the City has ignored us. Either the City should stop taxing the residents or should pick up the trash. This is basic fairness.

Hyattsville Residents, in this day and age when we are spending money on "extras" like putting art covers on utility boxes, isn't it only fair that we go back to the basics and discusss providing sanitation services for all residents? Neighbors who pay taxes and participate in our community? Neighbors who are paying for services they are not receiving? Please help us.

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My apartment complex, Vie Towers, constantly violates Pg County code by not giving at least 24 hours notice to enter in apartments. They do this despite the fact that I have made them aware of the code violations and despite the Hyattsville City inspectors notifying them. The problem is that the city of Hyattsville has no way to enforce this county code so they can only notify apartment complex that they are in violation. Not giving proper notice can be used in a discriminatory manner by targeting certain groups of residents they no longer want in there and give them lease violations. It also does not provide the bare minimum right to privacy or gives someone enough warning that a stranger will be in their apartment, around their valuable and personal items.

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A couple of homeless guys have been sleeping and staying on my property Sunoco 5601 ager road hyattsville md 20782. I have reason to believe they keep breaking into my store. Is it possible make police agents of property?

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Idea: Bikeshare

Is Be 8 months ago

Hyattsville needs to try and attract more capital bike share stations. These station come with a ton of benefits. Studies show they can reduce traffic, increase property values, make the city more accessible, and they are also a good way for residents to exercise. I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be at the two metro stations, the arts district and along queens chapel road.