On June 18, 2018, the City received an updated conceptual site plan (CSP) application for the Magruder Pointe development. The original CSP application sought approval to construct townhouses through an amendment to the table of uses of the Gateway Arts District Sector Plan. The revised CSP application seeks to utilize the other permissible method to construct townhouses: a rezoning. No other aspects of the proposal have changed.

On June 29, 2018, the City received another revision to the CSP application. In this revision, the applicant seeks to rezoning the upper and lower lots to M-U-I (mixed-use infill). As is the case with the first revision received on June 18, the applicant is not changing their proposed end product, but is specifying the rezoning they would like to see. 

As a result of the revisions, the CSP application has been sent to the City for an expedited review. Due to the expedited time frame, the revised plan will not follow the standard process for development applications. Instead, the first revision was discussed at the Planning Committee meeting on June 19, 2018. The second revision will be discussed at the City Council meeting on July 16, 2018. At the July 16 meeting, the City Council will decide if they would like to provide the County's Planning Board with any additional commentary as a result of the revised application. 

More information on the updated application can be found at the City's website, here



Werrlein Properties, LLC has submitted a proposal for the reuse of 4017 Hamilton Street (former WSSC Building). The presentation is attached to this Forum. 

The application will go through the City's Development Review Process, detailed below. You are invited to provide public comment at any public meeting, within this Forum, or by email to cityclerk@hyattsville.org.

Questions should be directed to the City Planner, Katie Gerbes, at kgerbes@hyattsville.org or (301) 985-5059 OR to Werrlein Properties at info@werrleinproperties.com


Presentation of Proposal

February 5, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers

Presentation of Proposal

February 27, 2018, Planning Committee Meeting, 2nd Floor Prangley Room

Discussion of Proposal

April 16, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers 

Discussion of Proposal

May 7, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers 

Action on Proposal

May 21, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers 

I believe that the use and development of this property should benefit ALL of Hyattsville, not just those who wish to make money for the few. We have had a lot of development in and around Hyattsville in recent years. What I have not seen from that development is visible, tangible benefits for our ENTIRE community Magruder Park is a community resource that should grow to meet the increasing demands for recreation for our growing population. The WSSC property, being adjacent to it, is the logical (and perhaps the only) space to increase this quality of life benefit. The WSSC building itself could be re-purposed to contain city offices and a recreation center. Other clearer, experienced, and professional voices have already spoken to the suitability of this building for such a re-purpose. We speak of being a sanctuary city. We speak of being a tree city. Of being a world within walking distance. For those ideas to become more than just slogans, there needs to be courageous and bold action on the part of those who have been elected to represent us - ALL of us. To develop this property to simply add to our residential population is not bold and not true to the character that our city strives to attain and maintain. If we are successful in fending off ANY residential development of the property, the question becomes HOW to proceed. Is there the political will to make that happen? Are we willing to make the sacrifices needed? Can our passionate words become determined action? Opposing developers is rarely successful. But I believe that bold, determined action on behalf of our entire community and our quality of life is worth the effort.

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