Werrlein Properties, LLC has submitted a proposal for the reuse of 4017 Hamilton Street (former WSSC Building). The presentation is attached to this Forum. 

The application will go through the City's Development Review Process, detailed below. You are invited to provide public comment at any public meeting, within this Forum, or by email to cityclerk@hyattsville.org.

Questions should be directed to the City Planner, Katie Gerbes, at kgerbes@hyattsville.org or (301) 985-5059 OR to Werrlein Properties at info@werrleinproperties.com


Presentation of Proposal

February 5, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers

Presentation of Proposal

February 27, 2018, Planning Committee Meeting, 2nd Floor Prangley Room

Discussion of Proposal

March 19, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers 

Action on Proposal

April 16, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers 

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Attachment: Document - Magruder Point Development Presentation


The attached document was presented to the Hyattsville City Council on Monday, February 5, 2018. 

    I agree with Loire and Taylor. This going to cause even worse traffic issues on 40th Place and the historic streets of Hamilton, Gallatin and Farragut. My family also does not like the high density in this tract and demolition of a very historic property.

    Furthermore, individual homeowners in Hyattsville have to jump through hoops in order to get permission for additional lot coverage for home additions on 7500 square foot lots, but a developer can almost entirely cover these lots with townhomes and other homes that all look similar? It doesn't make sense and does not promote smart growth.

    If such high density is what the community wants (though I don't), then infrastructure needs to be in place to support it, such as increased bus service to the metro station, making 40th Place a one way street and more police enforcing stop sign running and other traffic issues, a bigger elementary school, etc.

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    Loire Temos at February 14, 2018 at 10:23am EST

    I do not support this density level of development in a flood plain. O-S zoning is in place for a reason. This does not seem like wise development that will benefit Hyattsville in the long run for a multitude of reasons, this includes traffic, impact to Magruder Park, impact to already overtaxed public schools and the inexperience of the developer on this scale of a project. I hope that the WSSC site can be developed with a little more thought on how it impacts the community.

    Taylor Johnson at February 08, 2018 at 10:12pm EST

    I like the different styles of homes. I like the "greens" in front of the row homes. Where is the common space for the detached homes to entice neighbours to mix and mingle outdoors? Why can't the main portion of the WSSC building be kept and turned into condos? What about the additional traffic caused by so many news residences? There is basically only one way in and out--Hamilton Street. Seems like a heavy burden to place on a road already heavily traveled. Taylor Johnson, Oglethorpe St