For the past year, the City has been working with Toole Design Group on a citywide Transportation Plan. After months of public data collecting, Toole has released a draft of the find report for the Hyattsville Transportation Plan. 

You can find several documents attached to this forum: the Hyattsville Transportation Plan final report, Appendix A: Existing Conditions Memo, Appendix B: Future Condition Scenarios, Appendix C: Wayfinding Plan, and Appendix D: Planning Level Cost Estimates. 

Toole Design Group will be presenting the Hyattsville Transportation Plan at the October 1 City Council meeting. The report will come back to the City Council for adoption on November 5, 2018. Any comments you have on the report can be submitted on this page for the City Council to take into consideration when the plan comes up for adoption. Comments should be submitted by October 29, 2018 in order to be viewed by the City Council in advance of their November meeting. 


The project NS-5 Calverton and Dean connection needs additional research. This strategy is in complete opposition to the approved Prince Georges Plaza District Plan (adopted 2016). First, the wooded area between these two streets is identified as a green infrastructure network gap in the Countywide Green Infrastructure Plan (pg. 48 of the PG Plaza District Plan). As such, this area is identified as a critical area targeted for restoration to support overall functioning of the green infrastructure network – not pavement. Second, the District Plan clearly identified this connectivity as part of the area wide off-street bicycle and pedestrian policies and strategies as Strategy TM7.3 (pg. 88 of the PG Plaza District Plan) to implement exclusively non-motorized connections between existing disconnected streets including Dean Drive and Calverton Drive and Highview Terrace and Gumwood Drive. At a minimum, we request to strike NS-5 from the plan in its entirety. If not possible, then rewrite the strategy to align with the County approved plan for non-motorized connectivity.

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Alyson Reed 8 months ago

I am in complete agreement with Tom. As a regular cyclist who also walks to and from the PG Plaza Metro station from my home, I am all in favor of opening pathways and access for non-motorized travel. But not for cars. And, I am all in favor of preserving much-needed green space for use by pedestrians and cyclists, not motorists.