Since the fall, the City has been working with Toole Design Group on a citywide Transportation Plan. After months of public data collecting, Toole has released a draft of the recommendations they are suggesting for the Hyattsville Transportation Plan. Two documents are attached to this forum: a document outlining proposed changes to the existing transportation network, and a map of the City showing where each of the proposed projects takes place.

**NOTE**  These recommendations are still in the draft stage and this is not the final Hyattsville Transportation Plan. It is likely that language in the draft may get added, removed or otherwise edited through this review process. 

Do you like some of the listed recommendations? Do you think we've missed something? Let us know by commenting in the box above.

A major omission is the long-standing pedestrian-safety problem due to lack of sidewalk on 42nd Ave. between Crittenden and Decatur and on Decatur between 42nd and 42nd Pl. Given just the number of children who use that route to and from school in the morning, and the lack of alternate, safe routes to the civic center of Hyattsville from the southside of the Historic District, I would hope that the City would follow its Sidewalk Enhancement Policy in at least this one case. In fact, 10 years ago the Neighborhood Design Center formally requested the City to install sidewalks there as part of the trail-access project on Crittenden St. I've heard a number of neighbors complain about how uncomfortable it is to drive that block of 42nd Ave. due to the narrowness, lack of sight lines, and frequent presence of children and other pedestrians on the roadway. It's not great for drivers or pedestrians. But let's at least fix this for the children in our community, if nothing else.

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