Since the fall, the City has been working with Toole Design Group on a citywide Transportation Plan. After months of public data collecting, Toole has released a draft of the recommendations they are suggesting for the Hyattsville Transportation Plan. Two documents are attached to this forum: a document outlining proposed changes to the existing transportation network, and a map of the City showing where each of the proposed projects takes place.

**NOTE**  These recommendations are still in the draft stage and this is not the final Hyattsville Transportation Plan. It is likely that language in the draft may get added, removed or otherwise edited through this review process. 

Do you like some of the listed recommendations? Do you think we've missed something? Let us know by commenting in the box above.

First off, thank you for extending the deadline to provide comments, I am grateful to have the opportunity to provide my feedback on this plan. One the whole, I want to commend the city for this plan and for their outreach efforts. I would also like to provide a few specific comments.

I am glad the city is interested in improving traffic signal access across town, particularly building one at Queens Chapel Road and Nicholson Street. Queens Chapel feels particularly treacherous as a pedestrian and it will be nice to not have to walk south a bit to head towards the Arts District.

In the public presentation that accompanied the report, there was an analysis on all of the sidewalk gaps around town, while the report itself mentioned a list of priority sidewalk construction sites. Does the city plan to create sidewalks across town - and for example considering fixing the sidewalk near Route 1 and Hamilton Street where pedestrians need to walk into the street to get by?

Lastly, the plan states there is a goal to prioritize "active transportation for shorter trips an access to rapid transit for longer trips." I know there are a lot of mass transit options to get in/around the area (DC metrorail and bus, The Bus, and the new UMD shuttle). What is often unclear is how these transit options relate to each other and which options are best to get to different parts of town. It would be helpful if the city could create a comprehensive repository of these options (like say a map that overlays all of the different options or an app like the WMATA RideGuide that would give you the best mass transit option depending on where you going/coming from.)

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Scott Wilson 5 months ago

Or the city could provide valid links to the maps that each of the mass transit options may have, including how to know when the next triip will arrive.

Richard Canino 5 months ago

Yes, that could work too. And if more routes open up/close, that could be a one stop shopping of how to get around town.

Luna Devin 3 months ago

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