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RBC, LLC has submitted a proposal for the development of 8 townhouses at the southeastern intersection of Oglethorpe Street and 44th Avenue. The presentation associated with their application is attached to this forum. A copy of the presentation given to the City Council on May 7 is available below. A If you would like more information on the project, you can visit the project page on the City's website, here.

This project will go through the development review process outlined below. You are invited to provide public comment at any public meeting, within this Forum, or by email to

Questions should be directed to the City Planner, Katie Gerbes, at or (301) 985-5059.


Presentation of Proposal

May 7, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers 

Planning Committee Meeting:

April 15, 2018, 2nd Floor Prangley Room

Discussion of Proposal:

May 14, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers

Action of Proposal:

May 21, 2018, City Council Meeting, 3rd Floor Council Chambers 

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    Are the garages going to be single or double (tandem or side-by-side)? Will there be access to the units from the back other than through the garages? From the drawings there seems to be a large window to the basement, will this be a door or just a large basement egress window?

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