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The City is planning to beautify a section of Hyatt Park, turning it into a community gathering space. The City has been working with the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) to develop two concepts for the Park: "Double Allee" and "Spiral." 


Do you have thoughts on the two designs below? What do you like? What do you dislike? Let us know!


The two concepts will be presented at the following meetings: 

City Council Meeting - February 20, 2018, 8:00 PM 

Health, Wellness, and Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting - February 22, 2018, 7:00 PM 

Hyattsville Environment Committee Meeting - February 26, 2018, 7:00 PM 

Planning Committee Meeting - February 27, 2018, 7:30 PM


It should be noted that these plans are rough concepts. Exact furnishings/location of elements will likely differ from the final product. The City will be collecting comments on each of the concepts through March 11, 2018, at which point the NDC will make modifications and present the two revised concepts. The City Council will make a decision on which design will move forward in April. 

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Attachment: Document - Double Allee Concept Plan

Attachment: Document - Spiral Concept Plan

    Agree with some of the other ideas in preferring the stage placement in the Spiral concept. I prefer the informal play elements and playful seating elements proposed in the Double Allee concept. I really like the idea of informal play elements that are physically activating for many ages and also encourage risk taking and learning one's own limits (especially since the park already has the standard playground equipment). The lighting ideas in both designs are intriguing - I like the globe lights in the Double Allee and the hanging lights in the trees in the Spiral concept; it would be nice to see some light at night in this area. My family really loves Hyatt Park and would like to see a picnic area, so I am pleased to see that incorporated in both options.

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    I like both of these plans. One thing I would suggest as the parent of a toddler is to consider putting a fence around the entire perimeter of Hyatt Park. I regularly see parents having to dash after children who are making a break for the road. The traffic on Hamilton St. drives fast and not very carefully, and I expect it to only get more unpredictable once the police station moves in. An unobtrusive fence (the fence at King Park on Gallatin St. would be a perfect example) would really help the space be a safe place for small children to play.

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    I agree that the amphitheater-like seating from the first plan is ideal, but the centrality of the stage from plan two is better visually and acoustically. I think a permanent roof over the stage is a must for practicality. I'd add that I would like to see hardscaping that would make the stage area useful for acoustic as well as amplified performances. Log benches and stump seats really tie this space into the adjacent "tree park."

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    I also like the Double Allee plan with the stage placement from the Spiral Concept plan.

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    The design elements of plan one with the central stage from design two would great. Adding the string lights would be a cool element too.

    The first option had the stage area way to close to Hamilton. There is too much traffic on Hamilton to have a stage that close plus there is little shade coverage. Much better in the 2nd design where the stage is more towards the center.

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