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Councilmember Robert Croslin (Term: 2017-2021) was first elected to the City Council in 2013. Councilmember Croslin serves as a Council Liaison to the Police and Public Safety Advisory Committee and the Teen Advisory Committee.

I grew up in Baltimore City where I attended public schools and completed college and graduate school. I earned my undergraduate degree in fine arts and a masters degree in landscape architecture. I received another diploma from Bowman Technical School in jewelry design and repair. 

Sometime after my wife Dyann and I met in Baltimore, she took a job with the Federal Government in Washington DC and we moved to Hyattsville to shorten her commute. At the time the two local newspapers were the Gazette and the Sentinel. I read in one of the papers that an artists' group was forming (The Hyattsville Community Artist Alliance) and with some encouragement from Dyann, I joined. This was the beginning of my community involvement. We now have two adult children (Kigen and Chike) who were raised here. They participated in activities in Hyattsville that contributed to their growth. They were the stimulus that kept me involved in the happenings of our City, and what a wonderful city it turned out to be! 


Councilmember Shani Warner (Term: 2015-2019) was first elected to the City Council in 2011. Councilmember Warner serves as a Council Liaison to the Hyattsville Environment Committee.

I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where my parents worked for the state government. I first moved to the Washington, DC area in 1991, where I studied Classical Humanities and Philosophy at Georgetown University. I spent my junior year in Ireland at the School of Classics at Trininty College, Dublin. After college graduation, I moved to Santa Fe NM, where i received a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies from St. John's College. From there I moved to Ann Arbor, MI, to study law at the University of Michigan Law School. I loved law school and interspersed my practical classes with ones like "Blood Fueds," where we read medieval Icelandic sagas, and "What Makes a Good Life and What Should Government Do About it?" The latter class turned out to be more useful than I could have predicted at the time. I returned to DC in 2000 to embark on my legal career. In my professional life, I am a practicing attorney at a large law firm in downtown DC, where I supervise teams of attorneys in high-stakes, complex litigation, representing companies and individuals in a full range of state, federal, administrative, and international matters. 

In 2008 I moved to Hyattsville with my now-husband when we bought our first home together. Two years later he proposed to me on the front steps of our Hyattsville home with a pressed penny machine showing scenes from our neighborhood. I quickly became involved in our new community and worked to bring a community garden to Hyattsville. I ran for the Hyattsville City Council in 2011, campaigning door-to-door while pregnant, and was sworn into offfice a couple of months before our daughter was born. On the Council, my emphasis has been on community building and expanding civic participation. I've spent years thinking about the obligations of participatory democracy and the ways we collectively make and remake rules to make our communities better and more just. I've spent the past seven years trying to put theory into practice.