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In September 2016, the City kicked off the rewrite of its Community Sustainability Plan. Updated every five years, the plan lays out the vision and priorities for the City in the upcoming years. After two series of public meetings and lots of work on our end, the draft of the plan is available for review. 


The plan in its entirety is attached to this page for review. List any comments you may have, whether they are editorial or content based, in the comment section. Comments will be accepted until Friday, May 5. 


There will also be two opportunities to meet with us to discuss the draft. Staff will be at the City Building on Saturday, April 22 at 1 PM. We will also be holding an open house on Tuesday, April 25 at 6:30 PM at Edward M. Felegy Elementary School . 


If you have any questions, please contact Katie Gerbes at or 301-985-5059. 

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Attachment: Document - Draft Community Sustainability Plan

    Great plan so far! Needs an intro to explain what the term sustainability means. Let's lay out the concepts of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Many folks will assume this plan focuses narrowly on environmental, eco or green concepts like LEED, reduce/re-use/recycle, storm water management, active transportation, climate change, etc. and that assumption might prevent some people from reading, participating, speaking up and helping to implement the plan.

    Overall, I think the plan has some great elements. I have a few additional thoughts to share.

    The plan makes no mention of the purple line light rail corridor, for which construction is scheduled to start during this period. The purple line will have a few stations bordering the north side of Hyattsville. It represents an opportunity for additional connectivity with neighboring communities and other metro lines, but development around purple line stations may impact residential areas, particularly in Ward 3.

    Regarding objective 13C (marketing the PG Plaza area), a bowling alley would do very well in that area. There is an alley on Route 1 in College Park, but it is not metro accessible or pedestrian friendly like the PG Plaza area.

    More bike lanes would be great, particularly along Adelphi Rd and Belcrest Rd to connect Ward 3 to the rest of Hyattsville.

    Lastly, the Anacostia River could be a great asset for Hyattsville. The city should commit to cleaning up and protecting the Northwest Branch of the river, and engage with the Anacostia Watershed Society and parks and neighborhoods all along the Northwest Branch to strive for a swimmable, fishable Anacostia River.

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    Kristina Al over 2 years ago

    I would love to see the downtown area revitalized. I would like small businesses: restaurants, bars, coffee shops, odds and ends (e.g., Vigilante, Arts & Crafts, Tanglewood, Three Little Birds, Green Owl, Franklins, Sugar Vault). It would also be amazing for the city to start facilitating DIY projects to help homeowners improve their gardens and homes. I would also like a framers market that is on the weekends when more folks are available. Also, credits and incentives to improve older buildings rather than gutting/tearing down.

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    I apologize for not addressing specific items in this plan but I wanted to outline a few concerns I have regarding sustainability. With more development slated along the route 1 corridor, we need to start planning now for increased traffic volume. I would endorse ideas like a traffic circle at Jefferson & Route 1. Long term I think we also need to designate some retail areas as "pedestrian only." I also hope that redesigns of parks and new development will include features that can be used by the general public like splash fountains and performance platforms. Finally... I want to register my support for demolishing the current municipal building, moving the police to BB&T, relocating the Council and other staff in the county-owned building next door, and making that part of Gallatin a pedestrian walkway with retail space replacing the municipal building.

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    Brian Kerkhoven over 2 years ago

    When you say infrastructure, conventional wisdom conjures up thoughts of roads, bridges, sidewalks, bike paths, railroads, etc. But what about what we can’t see? Nowhere in this plan is any mention of improving, or sustaining, the current water and sewer infrastructure, that we can’t see. How many times has Rt 1 been shut down because of a water main burst? How many water lines have burst throughout the city? What shape are our sewers in? Are we another Flint, Michigan waiting to happen? Imagine if the “idea” of water bottle filling stations comes to fruition. It’s a nice idea, I guess, but if the water line is old and corroded, what’s the point? (Needless to say, I have never seen anyone use the water fountain in King Memorial.) If I was a business owner looking to invest or start-up in Hyattsville, the condition of our city’s water, sewer, and electrical infrastructure is critical. Once we know that the water lines, sewer lines, power lines, and telecom are in proper working order, only then can we confidently begin to “sustain” what we have. Or rebuild the roads and sidewalks without having to dig up the new road or bike lane to replace aging “infrastructure.”

    Brian Kerkhoven over 2 years ago

    I did a quick word search for "train." Specifically, I was hoping to find something addressing the train noise and overgrown rail right-of-way that, unfortunately, defines the Route 1 corridor. Aside from saying it is the railroad owner's responsibility it is disheartening to see no mention of any sort of mitigation strategy. We have a major train line through the heart of our city and it is loud, especially when the trains blow their whistle multiple times. In addition to the noise, it is an eyesore. I am surprised the “apparent” focus of this plan is on sustainability and eco-friendly decrees for future development when we can’t even keep clean the green spaces along the railroad tracks. The cleanliness of the Anacostia watershed is a separate issue, but if we can't beautify what we have, why would anyone want to put a business on Route 1?

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